I have a single skin tent, do you have information on how best to deal with condensation?
It is inevitable in a single skin tent that you will experience some condensation on the inside of the flysheet.

Condensation is part & parcel of all single wall tents & there are a number of factors which contribute to consensation forming:
  1. Everybody produces between 1 - 2 pints of liquid from breath & skin which evaporates then condenses on flysheet.
  2. High humidity, low temperatures, rainy conditions combined with minimal winds will lead to maximum condensation.
  3. Moisture from wet gear in the tent will evaporate & condense on the flysheet.
  4. We never recommend cooking in any tent due to the risk of fire. However, in a single skin any steam produced as a result of cooking will condense on the fly.

How do we cut down on condensation & lessen its negative effects?

Ventilate - open all vents where possible to allow air to flow. Most of our tents have a combination of high & low vents to create a flow of air & water vapour so it does not stall & condense on the inside of the flysheet.

Store wet kit outside the tent - I store wet gear in a dry bag outside the tent.

When using a singleskin tent, we recommend that you select a synthetic-filled sleeping bag which are better than Down filled bags at retaining insulating qualities when wet & dries quicker.