How do I clean my tent?
"We do not recommend that you wash any tent in a washing machine as this will ruin both the machine and the material.

The best way to clean the flysheet  fabric of the tent is by using warm water and a natural soap/ mild detergent.

We have found that the best way to clean the tent if you have space is to pitch the inner making sure it is secure. Then clean the affected area with a sponge and leave to dry. For the flysheet, spread the flysheet out flat on the ground and clean the affected area as above.

We recommend a product called storm fabric cleaner which will clean the fabric, However a mild detergent will also be suitable.

After cleaning the flysheet you will need to re-proof it. Suitable products can be purchased from most outdoor shops.

For mould it is best to use Milton's sterilizing fluid that is well diluted, sponge down the affected area. This may not remove the mould, but it will stop it from spreading and smelling. "