Do you have any information on how to deal with condensation ?
"In warm weather condensation is likely to build up on the inside of the flysheet if the tent is not fully ventilated.

As you will be aware, heat will build up inside a tent during the day, but at night when the outside temperature drops the heat inside will cool down and condense, forming moisture on the inside of the flysheet.

The best way to stop the condensation forming is to open all the doors and vents on the flysheet to allow fresh air to circulate inside the tent. Once you are inside the tent for the night close the flysheet doors, but leave all the vents open to allow air to circulate.

If the condensation is on the inside of the inner tent, the best way to combat this is to close the inner tent door fully, open the nylon door to leave the inset / mesh door exposed.

This will allow air to circulate in the inner tent. "